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TITLE : Mental Health In Late Life

Abstract the purpose of this chapter is to review data on the prevalence of selected mental health problems in late life and to develop a theoretical explanation for the patterns that are observedget this from a library mental health in late life the adaptive process marguerite d kermisthe 8th annual behavioral health and aging conference is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how clinicians and caregivers are meeting the challenges of helping the elderly manage addiction and other mental health conditionsthis chapter begins with the background of and a theory on altruism it then focuses on research on older helpers emphasizing work on holocaust heroes who are at the time of writing this book quite elderly the basic premise of this chapter is that the consequences of altruism in the form of well being and mental health can be viewed uthealth harris county psychiatric center late life mental health aging and mental health late life mental health afflictions living with late life mental illness how family and friends can help

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