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TITLE : Managing Media Work

Managing media work is a bold and original volume that shows how talent passion and personality play out in the media business shaping not only individual careers but also the fate of entire corporationsmanaging media work mark deuze on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers managing media work provides a comprehensive cross national overview of the theory and practice of working in the media in the digital age focusing on three key areasnew media workpeople are more involved with media than ever but news about media as an industry is less than optimistic the number of people across the creative industries who are losing jobs illustrates all contents preface ix chapter 1 managing media work 1 mark deuze and brian steward section i management and the creative industries 11 this introductory section offers historical context and critical discussion of thethis slideshow presents the key ideas and insights on contemporary media management theory and research as collected in the edited volume managing media work publisher sage 2010

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