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Hospitality careers overview hospitality careers are for those who enjoy playing the host food service and lodging managers are responsible for making sure guests at restaurants and hotels have a satisfying experience with their meal or their accommodationswhat does it take to make it as a winemaker matthew jenkin meets the men and women who followed their dreams of working in the vineyards of bordeauxomni hotels and resorts provides diverse career opportunities in a variety of venues explore hospitality careers with us and turn the page on a new chapterdiscover current careers in hospitality learn how we help our team develop and reach their career goals see internships and training programmes for individuals tailored to a diverse range of backgroundsyour career hospitality and tourism is one of the worlds largest most diverse and exciting industries not only does it employ over 235 million people worldwide offering a broad range and high number of jobs across the globe career prospects in the industry expand rapidly year on year in cambodia the hospitality sector is growing

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