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TITLE : How To Be A Canadian

Bill burr no reason to hit a woman how women argue full from you people are all the same duration 1215 mcnyregrus 8813404 viewsbeing canadian can be a chore says will ferguson but it can be a lot of fun too for this follow up to his runaway bestseller why i hate canadians ferguson a canuck himself recruited his brother ian to create this ultimate guide to the countrys cultural quirks from diet and sex to sports and politicshappy 150 canada ifht is back with another how to be a canadian video featuring appearances from the folks from convos with my 2 year old leenda dong and morehow to be a canadian is a humorous look at all things canadian the book is short and broken up by topics covering thinks like canadian english canadian french the geography history and so forthhow to be a canadian written by will and ian ferguson both canadian is a short book that aims at making you laugh by making fun of some stereotypes regarding canada and canadians

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